Data & blockchain

Local storage of immutable data

We catalog and preserve all relevant publicly available data, data from the sensor network, and modeling data on private servers situated within the EU. To guarantee data immutability, we store their hashes on the public Algorand blockchain using our AQA token.

This method combines data immutability with the highest possible speed of data access, which is crucial for real time simulations and predictions of soil and water quality using physics based models, machine learning and AI.

The AQA ecosystem

The AQA ecosystem, launched in June 2022 on the Algorand public blockchain, is designed to secure the integrity of data and to compensate contributors to through micropayments. Following comprehensive testing in 2023, it is now fully operational across all projects, ensuring the immutability of data records for all the information we gather and produce.

The system is crucial for both scientific research and practical applications in farming, natural environments, urban areas and aquatic areas, providing a reliable and transparent platform for our diverse community of scientists, agriculturists, local authorities, and citizens.

All data collected by our sensors are automatically assigned a unique hash that is stored on the Algorand blockchain on a daily basis. Given that each sensor possesses a distinct Algorand address and that each hash transaction involves an AQA micropayment, we establish a robust indexed AQA framework to guarantee the immutability of our data. This system not only underpins the credibility of our work but also strengthens the trust in our ecosystem among scientists, agriculturists, local authorities, and citizens.

Getting involved

Participants can easily get involved by installing a wallet, such as Pera Wallet, on their smartphones, allowing them to receive AQA tokens as rewards for their contributions. These tokens can be sold or, for those looking to support our endeavors, tokens can also be purchased by swapping Algos for AQA. Rewards for contributions vary and can include activities such as capturing images with the app, engaging in educational projects and sharing findings.

Teachers and students throughout the EU who are interested in running a school project on the monitoring of biodiversity, soil and water quality in their living environment, are encouraged to contact us at

AQA exchange rate

The AQA token can be bought and sold through a swap in the Pera wallet. To buy AQA tokens you first need to opt-in for the token. You can do that by pressing the + sign in your Pera wallet, next to Assets, and choosing AQA.

Below you find the AQA exchange rate at Vestige.

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